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Anji Technologies is a data centric IT management and technology consulting company. Anji designs and builds strategies and systems that enable our clients to maximize revenue, enhance customer relationships & experiences, and solve some of their most complex and mission critical problems. May it be big data management, complex CRM/ERP integration and management, mobility to more optimally deliver a path to data, we at Anji Technologies have the expertise in data analytics, data management and proven approach to add value and become a trusted technology delivery partner.
Anji Technologies has developed a social media platform that enhances customer experiences. Some of the features of our App are as follows. We recently reached out to Walmart/HomeDepot and Amazon and we are being invited to their innovation lab for a demo.
Enhances customer experiences (we call it Amazon like experiences) by identifying buyers and products/services matching their taste using our machine learning algorithms
• Encourages buyers provide feedback,
• Encourages building a network between buyer/sellers,
• Encourages buyers to share feedback/experiences and
• Connects sellers with a compelling value proposition without hefty marketing dollars with
prospective buyers.

For more information about Anji Technologies visit their website.

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