Calgary Scientific

Calgary Scientific is dedicated to providing advanced web, mobility, and multi-party collaboration enablement platform technology, as well as advanced visualization solutions to industries looking for secure access and use of their data or graphics intensive applications, while using their existing systems. All of these products demonstrate a leading edge web and mobile enablement capability made possible with the unique power of PureWeb<sup>®</sup>. Calgary Scientific is the premier leader and provider of truly accessible, advanced visualization solutions, in the medical imaging market, as well as the industry leaders in advanced web, mobility, cloud and collaboration enablement technologies. Calgary Scientific’s advanced medical imaging software ResolutionMD™ seeks to so save time and streamline workflow for medical professionals by providing an innovative combination of advanced imaging, reporting and results analysis through standard web technologies and on mobile devices. ResolutionMD™ exceeds workstation solutions by providing versatile 2D, 3D and MIP/MPR viewing and analysis of CT and MR imaging for cardiac and vascular medicine. ResolutionMD™ leverages the PureWeb® platform to provide a secure, centrally managed solution that easily integrates into existing PACS infrastructure and eliminates migration costs of moving to a new distribution system.

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