CSIRO Digital Productivity & Services Flagship (DPAS)

The Digital Productivity and Services Flagship is a A$40 million research initiative from CSIRO focused on Australia’s productivity challenge. Established in July 2012, the Flagship targets productivity improvements and growth in the digital economy through services innovation. By 2025 the flagship aims to create A$4 billion per annum in added value for the Australian economy by developing and delivering more efficient and innovative services that improve people’s well being and prosperity. The Flagship includes the Australian Center for Broadband Innovation (ACBI), a collaborative national research initiative which connects people and business to the benefits of game-changing digital services and applications enabled by next generation broadband. The Flagship also includes the Smart Secure Infrastructure, Health Services and Government & Commercial Services themes.

For more information about CSIRO Digital Productivity & Services Flagship (DPAS) visit their website.

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