Established as an independent board of the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1935, EPB is a municipally-owned utility that provides electricity and fiber optic services as a means of promoting economic development and enhancing quality of life across the local area. In addition to being the first major utility to earn the USGBC’s PEER certification for having a highly automated, modernized electric power grid, EPB’s fiber optic communications network delivers the world’s fastest Internet speeds (up to 10 Gigabits per second) across the community-wide network.  EPB serves more than 170,000 homes and businesses in a 600 square-mile area that includes greater Chattanooga, as well as parts of surrounding counties and areas of North Georgia.

For more information about EPB visit their website.

“As a community-owned company, we’re always looking for ways to bring next generation products and services to our customers that leverage the power of our Fiber-to-the-Home network. Participation in the ng Connect Program led by Alcatel-Lucent is a great way for us to explore technologies and applications for the ultimate benefit of our customers.”

Danna Bailey, VP of Corporate Communications

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