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Founded in 2012 and based in Nashville, TN, Initial State is a data platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). They make it easy for anyone, from novice to enterprise, to connect sensors to the Internet, send data from those sensors to a cloud where that data can be accessed anytime, and instantly turn that data into something awesome – interactive real-time dashboards, charts, statistics, notifications, webhooks, etc. We are focused on creating a fantastic experience from the instant data is created until the moment data is consumed.

Our technology stack was developed to deliver a consistent, secure, and fantastic experience for our users at large scale. RESTful APIs (accessed over HTTPS/TLS) provide a simple means for users to send and retrieve data to and from their high-performance, high-reliability back-end service (i.e. database, data store) in real-time. Our back-end service is both cost and performance optimized for IoT event data (data with a timestamp) and automatically scales to handle huge bursts in either data ingestion or consumption around the planet.

A set of interactive, real-time data visualizations was built from the ground-up to provide a unique and powerful way to visualize data. Each visualization is accessible via a modern web browser. When paired with our high-performance back-end, users can stream data from their devices and have a near instant transformation of that data into dashboards, waveforms, charts, etc.

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