Cold Chain Logistics – IoT enabled. Business Optimized

This project addresses the fragmentation of M2M silos created in typical supply chains. Cold chain management includes all the means to ensure constant temperature for a product that is not heat stable from farm/manufactured until the time it is used. Sensors from various manufacturers are placed along the chain including inside transportation trucks and cold storage facilities. Nokia IMPACT manages the sensors, collects data and enables fleet managers end-to-end visibility of their goods. Dell IoT edge gateway collects, analyzes and reports sensor anomalies from all the various sensors along the way.


Identifying the Opportunity

At the highest level, we identify a business need in a specific market, quantify the revenue potential of addressing that need, and illustrate how the service concept uniquely achieves this. These high-level documents are publicly available. More detailed Business Model information is available to ng Connect members or by request to non-members with a business interest in the concept.

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