Connected Light Post

The idea of of smart lighting, optimized for effectiveness and efficient use of power resources is hardly new. The idea of using city light poles for connectivity purposes, for example, equipping them with small cells has also been around — just like using them for signage purposes. This solution concept is not about individual point solutions. It’s about integrating a multi-purpose / multi-service light-post with a horizontal IoT platform and having one single point of management for the end-devices and sensors, the network connectivity and the data collection and analytics.

This approach makes it easy to deploy new sensors or applications and to scale to extend coverage to thousands of connected light posts. It also makes it possible to leverage data across applications, for example, turning the digital sign on only when pedestrian or slow moving traffic is detected.


Identifying the Opportunity

At the highest level, we identify a business need in a specific market, quantify the revenue potential of addressing that need, and illustrate how the service concept uniquely achieves this. These high-level documents are publicly available. More detailed Business Model information is available to ng Connect members or by request to non-members with a business interest in the concept.

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