Connected Service Vehicle

The Connected Services Vehicle (CSV) is an after-market connected commercial vehicle that leverages the cloud for service applications. Technologies included in the CSV are LTE, Velocix CDN, IMS, Video Conferencing, a White label app store, Video Streaming, Geo-location, Text to Speech, and Drone Surveillance. Utilizing these technologies, this service concept enables companies with fleet vehicles to efficiently dispatch and interact with technicians/vehicles using Android/iPad Tablets/Phone/PC systems that leverage the high bandwidth connectivity provided by the CSV.

The Fleet Manager is an operations interface that a business can use to leverage the real-time information provided by a fleet of connected vehicles. A Businesses Operations Manager will use the Fleet Manager to efficiently organize and direct the day-to-day operation of their fleet services. With the real-time information that a connected fleet vehicle provides, the fleet manager has access to work order and inventory tracking, vehicle information such as location, maintenance, and diagnostics information. A feature that collects real-time drone surveillance video and crowd-sourced information helps public safety or public utility command centers better assess storm/natural disaster situations. Video streaming connectivity to each individual vehicle allows the fleet manager to quickly resolve any issues.


Identifying the Opportunity

At the highest level, we identify a business need in a specific market, quantify the revenue potential of addressing that need, and illustrate how the service concept uniquely achieves this. These high-level documents are publicly available. More detailed Business Model information is available to ng Connect members or by request to non-members with a business interest in the concept.

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